Damn… I pissed them off.

Sebastian emailed me a link from the Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence’s Facebook page. It seems that they are a tad miffed about me calling Colin Goddard a coward trying to retrieve his gonads lost under a desk at VT. At least I did not make the mistake of calling him a Media Whore and other names I have seen used.

OK folks, here’s the thing. I am an opinionated foul mouthed bastard who will tell you what he thinks and damn be your feelings when you are wrong. Got it? Fine. Next, your kind have been calling us names and insulting our alleged lack of intelligence for many a decade now yet, somehow you feel you must not be deserving the same treatment as if you were somehow given Tribal Immunity in some fake reality show. Not so Babycakes. Some of us are just tired of the name calling and thought returning the favor by telling the truth would be just fine.

Now, my background is not some idyllic suburban paradise where nothing happens and the rednecks wave the confederate flag with impunity. I am a former Third World Urbanite that has seen the really ugly side of humanity unchecked by lack of morals and “protected” by a government that made self-defense a crime. I had people I cared expire in my arms after being mortally wounded by a criminal with a gun. I have witnessed total strangers being mauled and killed by criminals with guns, machetes and even screwdrivers.

I also have been through total Social Dislocation (them pesky things called rioting and looting) and having to stand guard against crazed mobs woefully unprepared with guns deemed “acceptable” by the Government and your type: A single shot shotgun and a small caliber semi automatic with a 7 shot capacity and a grand total of 30 rounds of ammunition for both weapons. Let me tell ya, it ain’t even close of what you really need. That was the time I was really scared: Unprepared to defend my family and praying real hard that the attitude and some “cocktails” were dissuasion enough for the unruly crowd, and thankfully it was.

So, when I speak I do so with the sad authority of experience of having lived in a country full of victims (potential and actual) without recourse. For most of you, violence is an intellectual exercise which can be eradicated with good wishes, stern laws and pink cupcakes delivered by rainbow-farting unicorns. And even when slapped with the truth of Things That Are Nasty and Very Real, you choose a sick form of Idolatry blaming an Artifact rather than the People Who Do Evil Things.  Your despise for the life of your fellow human beings in the name of your moral superiority is sickening and the fact that have the gall to tell me I am better served defending myself by dialing a phone rather than stopping an attacker with my gun it shows how deluded your sick kind can be.

PS: To Gregory J. Jaskolka, if you want to find me, I can be reached at Trail Glades Gun Range the second Saturday of the month or at Markham Park Gun Range on the fourth Saturdays. I am sure you can find the addresses all by yourself.

Welcome to the Gunshine State.

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  1. In their post, they mention that Mr. Goddard was 21 at the time he was shot as if that’s some sort of mitigating factor.

    A 21 year old is not a child. Had he joined the military rather than going to college after high school, by age 21 he could have been well into a military career, a non-commissioned officer and a leader of the brave men and women who defend our country and routinely run toward the sound of trouble rather away from it, in stead of finding himself cowering under a desk in fear, waiting to be executed in his turn.

    Dress it up any way you want. Play the victim card until it’s dog-eared and worn. Cry out for sympathy and pity until you’re blue in the face…none of that changes the unassailable fact that Colin Goddard is a coward.

    And, in order to make himself feel better about his failure under pressure and the cowardice he displayed, he’s dedicated his life to forcing everyone else in this country to be just as defenseless and powerless as he was during that crucial moment of his life.

    Not exactly someone to be looked up to and emulated as far as I’m concerned.

    Much better to emulate and revere this 21 year old, and many others like him, in my humble opinion:

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