Deception is their only way.

I turn on the news just now and I see that Illegal Mayors Against Guns is touring Miami. I am ticked because I wanted to drop by and have my pic taken next to the truck sporting my NRA cap and an appropriate Second Amendment T-Shirt and I lost that shot. I check their website and I find that they say they are in Orlando.

Let’s not jump to conclusions, maybe the webmaster forgot to update. But let’s check the Twitter feed, shall we?

If you click on the pic, you will see that a somewhat mention of Miami was made almost 11 minutes before 5:00 PM EST. The site on the right is the US Official Time website

So, when did this shindig happen? According to Channel 7 New’s website, sometimes before their Noon broadcast.

Maybe I did not where to look in their website, but I couldn’t find a schedule of cities they are planning on visiting. Apparently they do not like to be unchallenged, I wonder why?

And they wonder why we keep winning.

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