Top Shot: Internet Gun Forum on TV

This is the formula: Get the worst members of any internet forum out there, add some Gun Porn and about 5 minutes of shooting and make a TV Reality Show out of it.

Don’t ask me who are the participants in this or last season of Top Shot. I decided early on that this show is best watched in the Fast Forward To The Shooting Parts mode. This show is nothing more the video version of bunch of forum jackasses competing for the Ninja-ness Gold Cup in your favorite forum.

Having had the chance of shooting and meeting with TRUE top shots at IDPA matches, seeing how humble and open to sharing their knowledge and just hanging around with decidedly lesser shooters and treating them as their equals, makes watching some of these conceited Top Gun morons just bores the crap out of me.

I’ll stick to Shooting Gallery, Best Defense, Handguns, Personal Defense and the rest of the cable line up where you can actually learn or improve how to shoot instead of becoming The Next Super Model With A Barret Rifle.

3 Replies to “Top Shot: Internet Gun Forum on TV”

  1. Well said Miguel. I can’t stand this show. The level of juvenile angst and pissiness makes me wonder if this isn’t a dedicated attack on shooters, trying to bring us down to the level of Survivor. Sheesh.


  2. Actually, I’m all for this show.

    I think it is one of the best thing out there for the shooting sports.

    The people on it show they can vain, conceited, misjudge people, miss critical shots under pressure, back-bite, scheme, manipulate and basically act like the people we live with and next door to.

    It is absolutely fantastic!

    And with all the drama and plotting, how much violence is there?


    What better way to make ‘shooters’ into people you recognize?

    What better way to make ‘gun nuts’ not so scary?

    What better way to show even the best of people can’t shoot the gun out of the hand of the villain at 75 paces?

    People who wouldn’t watch a show about shooting will watch a reality ‘survivor series’ show — and learn about shooting.


  3. I take your points Bob. That we have shooting shows is a great advancement. And to show that we are as normal as everybody else….

    I just can stomach the darn reality TV BS…



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