Now this is sad…..

I read stuff like this and I really feel sad for these people:

I said it before, most of these idiots violence is an intellectual exercise which can be eradicated with good wishes, stern laws and pink cupcakes delivered by rainbow-farting unicorns. Their delusions are so based in fantasy one must wonder what kind of drugs are they on or if it is just self inflicted.

Let’s review their own words:

Jason Martin Schlierman said “The bravest people in America are not armed…” While I admit I am not the hero-type, I will give due to the brave Men and Women of our Armed Forces and Law Enforcement who go armed and risk their lives to protect your pathetic life every day. To even insinuate on the rebound that they are cowards shows how little regard you have for others.

Mary Kate Wagner Kenworthy said “it doesnt matter if you are killed by your opponent.” Well shit woman, you must leave alone without the benefit of even house cats. I know if I get killed, my family will suffer emotionally, economically and in other areas. Are you truly that frigging selfish to believe that your death will not matter to anybody? And if getting killed does not matter, what are you even in this group? I thought you guys were all against unnecessary deaths!

Jason Martin Schlierman contributes again with “There are wost things then death. But that I guess is another discussion.” Death is pretty much final but the scars both physical and mental of being brutally attacked, injured and raped do run quite deep, specially if one had the chance of stop the attack of a loved one before it happened. These people would much rather see their loved ones being killed than actually using a gun to defend them! But Jason’s kind do believe in the Higher Morality of being a Victim; it does bring a cachet, the coveted Media Exposure and equally miserable souls that will adore them for being victims.

And Jason finishes with “The bravest people don’t need guns to fight for what they believe in. Better to die un-armed and doing the right thing then to die with a gun in your hand defending instruments of death.”

Yep, all them cowards buried at Arlington, right? Pitiful Jason, just pitiful.

And then, to finish Coalition to Stop Gun Violence said “Amen, Jason, and beautifully said. Nonviolence has always had the greatest capacity to inspire us and lift our spirits.”

Let’s examine if you please the greatest Nonviolence achievement, the Independence of India. If you read most of the books and articles about it, you will hear all about the story of the brave people who stood against the British which led to August 15, 1947 when the Brits left and India became a country of their own. You will notice that most will end the story there with maybe some quick conclusions and a reference to the assassination of Ghandi. What you will not hear is the split of Old India into India and Pakistan or the 600,000 people (conservative estimate) that were massacred immediately after or that the Indian government had to call Lord Mountbatten and the Brits back to run the country because they were woefully unprepared.  No, they will ignore or obviate those pesky details because it does not reflect well on the Unicorn-Loving crowd. The only spirits “lifting” out of that cluster fuck were those of the people massacred after the “independence.”

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  1. I carry a gun because there are things worse than death. Being unable to prevent the torture and brutalization of a loved one is one of those things.



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