9 Replies to “This one surprised me…”

  1. So AE’s theory is that there is a conspiracy of armed cannibals plotting to unleash mass mayhem targeting minorities.

    Sounds to me like Mexicans, immigrants, gays, Muslims, blacks, and Jews could really use some of that “high capacity ammo.”

  2. High-capacity ammo is simply rounds like the .50 BMG that takes a high-capacity of gunpowder. They don’t understand why you need 30-round magazines of .50 BMG, either.

  3. “And we are the fear mongering whack jobs? These people are more unhinged than PETA.”

    Technically, in order to be “unhinged,” you must first possess a hinge. With the “government monopoly of violence” advocates at CSGV that is a debatable point.

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