CSGV: Math is not their forte.

Another capture from the Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence Facebook Page.

First, let’s clear one item: If you commit a crime with a gun, the information about your CCW becomes public since it is part of the police investigation. Plus, the fact that the media mentions it belies CSGV’s statement that those records are somehow sealed by evil minions of the NRA.

CSGV’s definition of MURDER EVIL AND DISGUSTING pretty much covers any person with a CCW that has been arrested for killing somebody but not necessarily tried and convicted. They already had some embarrassing corrections to make when a jury found shootings justified self-defense cases. Murders by criminals are not interesting to CSGV, Japete or their affiliates, they are OK in their book.

Now to the math: 297 murders in four years come out to 74.5 murders a year, but let’s round it out to 75 for clarity’s sake. The number of murders for the last four years was 65, 642 or an average of 16,410,5. Again for clarity’s sake we will use 16,410 as our number.

So, out of an average of 16,410 murders a year, and average of 74 are committed by CCW individuals which gives us a grand total of 0.45% of the murders. That is less than half than one percent which is the number we have always acknowledged since we are realists and know some bad people will always sneak regulations or regular people will do stupid and deadly stuff.

So basically I will like to express my gratitude to  the Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence for confirming we have been telling the truth all along even if that was not their intention.

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  1. In 2009, 796 people were convicted of some form of homicide.

    1 of those had a concealed handgun license. Just 1.

    That is 1/8th of 1 percentage of the total number of convictions for murder.

    The total number of convictions in 2009 for CHL holders was 0.16%

    What percentage of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns have been convicted of crimes? I’m betting it is a higher percentage 🙂


  2. Please, allow me to pretend to be Mike Summit for a minute (don’t think I could stomach more than that).
    “Extrapolating from the figures (pretend with me a moment cuz I ain’t gonna do the math), with 18 times as many MAIGs committing crimes, we can assume that every mayor in the United States is guilty of committing some kind of felonious assault or theft that involved a gun of some sort, most likely a handgun since they can be easily concealed in an office briefcase.
    Astounding figures, seriously. Very astounding.
    I think it’s time to go make a citizen’s arrest of my mayor.
    Shy III


  3. Nice smear Mike! Also, I like the geometric expansion of numbers so that it sounds like a million CCW holders are criminals and/or dangerous. Try actually doing some basic math like looking at the huge number of gun owners and their low rate of accidents and actual murder rates (do not count defensive use and suicides) and you can see that we are not blood thirsty killers as you believe in your warped mind. So the millions and millions of gun owners and the thousands and thousands of CCW holders that don’t have any criminal tendacies disprove your hypothesis and we take umbrage at your libel.

    So, I assume from your rant that you want guns taken away from U.S. citizens because a few do bad things. So screw the Second Amendment and Due Process and on with collective punishment!

    I can’t read your “Facism” avatar, but you sound like one. A facist is a person who wants the state to impose draconian control over the population such as Germany first did by taking away the guns. It is necessary to gaining unquestioned control. I don’t send out these insults lightly, but you started it. Also, ever wonder why we have had the peaceful transition of power over hundreds of years in this country…it’s because the Second Amendment helps protect the others like the First Amendment and it is the backstop against tyranny.

    Since you can’t do math, I assume you can’t do humor, so let me be clear, this is harsh sarcasm to mock you! Molon Labe!



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