Blind Faith and Ballistic Realities.

I’ve been keeping an eye on the Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence and some of the Violence Political Policy Center Facebook Pages and Tweets and I get to read stuff like this:

We sacrifice all of our grace when we replace our faith with firearms.

The bravest people in America are not armed…

The bravest people don’t need guns to fight for what they believe in.

Late last night I realized what they reminded me off. Many a moon ago I read about Congo’s Simba Rebellion in the 60s and one of the things that stuck with me ever since was that Witch Doctors would do some magic ritual on the Simba Rebels and declare them “bulletproof.” Of course, ballistic reality proved the “treatment” all but useless.

ulinzi na upinde wa mvua farting nyati

Return fire always beats Wishful Thinking.

2 Replies to “Blind Faith and Ballistic Realities.”

  1. It’s such hypocracy Miguel. They’re fine with authorized people being amed on their behalf so it’s not the weapons they have issue with, it’s who has them. Control is the only acceptable outcome for them.
    This is a great series of posts Miguel. I’m going to link to them. Well done my friend.

  2. Anti-rights cultists are totemists, at their very core – they believe items have power, and seek to control those items for their power.

    In short, dudes are nuts.

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