CSGV: Seriously?

Latest CSGV oracle is a report from the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine. It starts by saying:

This article summarizes the scientific literature on the health risks and benefits of having a gun in the home for the gun owner and his/her family. For most contemporary Americans, scientific studies indicate that the health risk of a gun in the home is greater than the benefit.

So the first category is Accidental Deaths by guns and it brings us this shocking revelation:

According to death certificate data, from 2003 to 2007, more than 680 Americans per year were killed unintentionally with firearms.

I did a quick search on accidental deaths and I find out that in 2007 over 21,000 people died by accidental falls. That is almost forty times the amount of accidental deaths by firearms. Then we have accidental poisoning deaths at 40,000 or almost sixty times more than accidental gun deaths.

Maybe Brady and CSGV should be renamed The Brady Center to Combat Trips and Falls and the Coaltion to Stop Drano and actually do something about people getting killed by these awful accidents. But then we wouldn’t have so much fun at their cost.

UPDATE: Corrected to the proper ratios.

2 Replies to “CSGV: Seriously?”

  1. You know I love you Miguel but 21,000 is more than 30 times more than 680 and 40,000 is almost 60 times more than 680. Unless, of course, my Math Fu is malfing again.

    That is an interesting correlation though. For some reason numbers like these are never brought up by the left. Can you imagine such an outcry?
    Ban all ladders over 2 steps high. There’s no reason to have such high capacity ladders. They’re death machines. Sue Home Depot today!

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