Not making it to the NRA convention this year.

Work, extraneous expenses  and other pre-planned trips will get in the way of budget.  But in celebration, I will take my lovely bride Saturday to Primanti Bros. on Sunrise wearing full NRA & shooting regalia.

I was wondering if the NRA had selected a location for the 2013 convention.  We will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of Florida’s Concealed Weapon’s Permit Law coming into effect and getting the ball rolling all over the place.  The Ft Lauderdale Convention Center should be big enough and right on the beach with a boatload of hotels within walking distance. Guns & Fun Under the Sun? Win!

Yeah… I know… Orlando would get it. At least it is only 4 hours away.

To all the bloggers going to the meet: Have fun and have a soda (pop) on me.

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  1. You aren’t the only one not able to make the fun run this year.

    Maybe one year they’ll pick the north Texas area and I’ll be able to go.

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