8 Replies to “Another reason why we need BIG guns.”

  1. Found the pic online…. If that thing was in my house, you’d be seeing me from the local Fox station chopper as I just empty round after round of shotgun shells from OUTSIDE the house.

  2. seriously I think at that point i’d be using bug bombs like grenades and hiding the cats in a safe place ( not in that order)

  3. Depending on the situation I would have to combine and adjust the above “strategies” with dealing with that.

    If just the one I’d do something like what Oscar suggested but I’d use the cats as bait and use grenades like bug bombs.

    If I saw two I’m gonna assume there are more of them and be outside with the shotgun trying to take out any that get out of the house while I’m burning it down.

    In all seriousness does anybody have any idea what kind of spider that is?

  4. JR, I don’t know where you live, but if i ever entertained the idea of the cat near that thing, I would be used as bait by the wife…

  5. Is that the giant spider named “Shelob” from J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Two Towers” book? If an Elfen blade will not kill it then I would call in an airstrike..or “We could blast off and nuke it from orbit…just to be sure.” – Aliens movie

  6. Sorry for the necro-post but I had to comment on this.

    I would NOT mind the fine and misdemeanor I’d certainly get (or at least be charged with) for firing within city limits if it was to take THAT out inside my house. hell, I’d be willing to put up with the hole in the ceiling too!

    “Sir, why did you intentionally discharge your firearm while inside your residence?”

    “Officer, wouldn’t you if you saw a big fat spider that spanned a a yard across sitting in the corner of YOUR bedroom?”

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