Gun Banners Legs’ Tingling: NRA Members willing to talk with Obama.

According to ThinkProgress who has interviewed Gun Owners at the NRA convention. But Ben Armbruster should be worried about that because I can tell you right now what will be the theme of the questions:

“Mr. President, who in the executive branch is investigating Project Gun Runner and Project Fast & Furious?”

“Mr. President, any comments about Border Patrol Agents being shot, wounded and killed by guns that the ATF let walk through the border to Mexico?”

“Mr. President, what is your response to the Mexican Congress demanding an investigation about Project Gun Runner and Project Fast & Furious and why wasn’t the Mexican Government notified of US actions in their soil?

“Mr. President, what can you tell to the relatives of the victims of the drug war in Mexico that might have been murdered by weapons the ATF let walk through?”

Oh yes, we have questions and some comments to make to President Obama.