Apparently I don’t get shopping.

My wife just returned from her weekly grocery & other shopping trip and she was telling me about how she managed to score several Two for One deals, even a couple of items that we have never consumed before. I went on to ask her why she would buy that stuuf and she replied “because we saved money!” In my naivete I asked if a gun shop was offering a Buy One Glock Get The Second Free should I go ahead and get on those savings.

This is all I got in return:

The Look

3 Replies to “Apparently I don’t get shopping.”

  1. I don’t know why you “Testosterone People” don’t get it. It’s the thrill of stalking the bargain and obtaining the bargain. Why I just bought 2 Otter Boxes for my one iPad because they cost $3.75 each. Two Glocks for the price of one? Where’s that store?


  2. LOL, Miguel- we will never understand that aspect of the savings mind… my old lady used to buy (probably still does) items in the store just because the packaging was recyclable. :-\
    Shy III

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