6 Replies to “Shit just go a bit more serious.”

  1. Authorities should be brought into this ASAP. Anybody at the NRA Annual Meeting contact Security/PD/Secret Service! Do you want my GPS coordinates, too, son? Shooting with a camera is actually legal in America.

  2. Just from a quick gander at her Twitter feed, I would never go so far as to say Donna was stable, sane, or reasonable… in fact, I would have some choice words on the other end of the spectrum to describe her behavior and beliefs.

    Still, her choice of words was deliberate and done with malice aforethought – we can only hope she just means “photograph”, but, as the saying goes, “why are liberals so violent?”

  3. She might be just what is known as a “Howler” but it does not pay to ignore such threats. And I didn’t.
    I hope she learns the lessons.

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