9 Replies to “Violence-Spouting Anti Gunner Roaming The NRA Annual Meeting.”

  1. To get into the 140th Annual NRA Meeting & Conference one has to be a card-carrying member of the NRA, kids. Hardly an anti-gunners then, eh? Nice drama, though–I’ll give you that–but there are enough REAL things in this world to fret about. You don’t need to keep looking for monsters in your closets and fabricating drama where none exists.

  2. For goodness’ sake, Donna – Josh Sugarmann (y’know, the dipwit in charge of the “Violence Policy Center”) has a gorramed FFL. An honest-to-God Federal Firearm License. In D.C.

    If you think an NRA membership card is enough for us to overlook your obviously unbalanced mentality, you are even more insane than you look.

  3. She tweeted “In 1993, Pittsburgh City Council banned assault weapons. Why did #NRA come here after boycotting Columbus for same? “. I have to admit that this is a good question. Why did they? One token boycott really does not do a lot. I have issues with show boycotts. A good example is Barrett. He refused the California market due to their ban…but when the Mexican military was recently on parade a whole group of men came through with Barretts…Mexico has some extreme gun laws yet he still sold them a whole slue of barretts.

    Sometimes a show boycott makes 2nd amendment activists worry about the so called leaders of the movement. I sure the heck know I do.

  4. Pa has State Firearm and Ammunition Preemption Clause which canceled any local government ordinance and as far as I know, no ban on “assault weapons” in the state either.

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