Let him walk alone in Chicago.

One would think that in Gun Free Chicago, the absence of guns and crime makes for a beautiful world were no violence is to be found. Yet outgoing Mayor Richard Daley is demanding five bodyguards to take care of him at taxpayer’s expense.

I’d say let him have them but only after the last Chicago Resident who wants it is allowed to legally carry and own any firearm for his protection. Till then he should be forced to live like the rest of the citizens of the city: unarmed.

One Reply to “Let him walk alone in Chicago.”

  1. I would love to see a ballot measure there which would strip him of tax payer funded security. I don’t know if he could afford it by himself, but if not, I would bet that he would get a CCW and a firearm within the hour.

    Then we could add the term “hypocrite” to the “elitist” moniker.

    My People’s Republic of California pain is Senator Feinstein, who is anti-gun, but I believe also has a CCW and carries a firearm. How does that compute?

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