OH NOES! Glock Gives Money to the NRA!

And the Violence Policy Center defecates rectangular solids made out baked clay.

In the meantime and totally unrelated, the Bradys have their ticket menu for the upcoming June 2, 2011 Gala.

Giving money to the NRA is evil! Giving money to an anti gun organization that awards their top honor to an antisemite is righteous.

Yet, somehow we are the ones accused of being racist. Go figure.

4 Replies to “OH NOES! Glock Gives Money to the NRA!”

  1. The best way for a person to hide their racism is to accuse other people of racism. Best defense being a good offense and all that.

    Unfortunately for them, given the racist roots of gun control, they are never going to be able to escape theirs…


    Miguel, seriously, if you’re gonna post pics of Helen, ya gotta give a full page warning first so I can get my MIB glasses on! And a can of Raid.

    That hurt!

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