Now we done piss them off.

So what if you give a press conference you deem very important and nobody shows up?
That happened to the Brady Campaign when they were trying to release their Gun Control State Rating Scorecard and they are not happy about it. But what really set them off was the fact that the only video coverage that came out of the very lonesome conference was an NRA product. Paul Helmke throws an amazing hissy fit at the HuffPost (where you work for free) calling thy NRA’s coverage all kinds of names.

Cam Edwards of NRA News shows the footage and makes very poignant comments about the Brady Solitaries.

Irrelevance must hurt so bad.

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  1. Thanks for the report, I found it at AN NC GUN BLOG. However I usually won’t click a link to go to the HuffPo. I try not to give them my traffic and I don’t need to use my time on what is there.

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