Anti-Gun Pediatricians: One Question.

We know you are all butt-hurt because Florida is poised to get a law that tells you to shut up and stop asking questions about our guns. How dare we mere mortals to defy your God-Like status with our rights!

So, I have a question: Have you checked with your malpractice insurer if you are covered in case you are sued by giving bad firearms advice? In an article by Frederick A. Paola (M.D., J.D., of the Division of Medical Ethics and Humanities, Department of Internal Medicine at the University of South Florida College of Medicine) the majority of the few responders said basically, you give bad gun advice and get sued, you are on your own:

Conclusion: A majority of responding insurers thought that physician firearm counseling would not be covered under their medical malpractice policies. Physicians wishing to counsel their patients about the risks and benefits of owning and using firearms are advised to seek assurance of medical malpractice insurance coverage from their insurers or the annexation of a rider to their current policies.

Just asking.

One Reply to “Anti-Gun Pediatricians: One Question.”

  1. A native Florida doctor would probably ask you if you wanted to go out shooting with him. It is the ‘transplant’ doctors from the liberal gun anal states that would want that info to use as leverage against you in the future.



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