GSGV: “Outing” Gun Bloggers.

Apparently in between sips of herbal Tibetan tea and listening to the latest Ravi Shankar track in their ecological sound IPods, somebody at the Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence managed to operate Google and find the names of two gun bloggers they really hate.

Joan is just wetting herself at the idea of creating a list. Probably she will collect enough names and send the list to Homeland Security so we can be placed in Uncle Steely Joe’s Rehabilitation and Re-Education camps.

I just tweeted them a couple of clues to see if they “out” me. I don’t know if they will since I extended an invitation to CSGV Facebook fan Gregory J. Jaskolka to come down and meet me when he called me a coward and that I hide behind my computer. So far I haven’t heard from any of them.

UPDATE: Oh Noes! They “outed” Sebastian!

Are we dealing with 6 year olds here?

11 Replies to “GSGV: “Outing” Gun Bloggers.”

  1. By the way, congratulations to BornLib for posting the 1,000th comment of this blog!
    No, he does not get any prizes, my check from the NRA has not arrived….ever.

  2. What these fools are really, really not noticing is that they, too, are people with real names and addys… not saying tit-for-tat is going to happen, but they do sleep some place, some time, and even do foolish things like go for walks in public- and not so public- places. And just because they’re ‘civilians’ does not preclude them from Clinton’s ROE.

  3. “Apparently in between sips of herbal Tibetan tea”

    Err, I drink Tibetan herbal tea, so does the Dalai Lama.

    The Dalai Lama and I have something else in common. We both carry guns. Don’t bash Buddhists, just because we prefer peace doesn’t mean that we won’t unload a giant stone Buddha size can of whup-ass if you fuck with us.

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