CSGV Dumb Comment of the Day plus a touch of Eugenics.

I am gonna be so sad when the Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence finally disappears. They make my blogging so easy!

Why would anybody take a LOADED gun to Toys ‘R’ Us Rayan? First, an unloaded gun is just an useless paperweight and secondly, because bad stuff happens do happen at Toys ‘R’ Us!

Nancy Bradford… Dear Nancy, What can I say other than you were born in the wrong time and in the wrong country? Your suggestion has been tried tried before. I bet you look great in all black with a Totenkopf brooche.

UPDATE: I had to add one more comment from Ms. Rayan Carvalho:

So, he should eliminate himself and you guys get to add one more number to your gun death count. Two for the price of one! I see what you did there!
Hana hou Rayan!

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  1. I’d love to come up with a valid reason for why this person has managed to live this long with all those “dangerous” cleaning supplies in the house but I can’t seem to figure out how.

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