CSGV found the Truth! Our Evil Plot Collapses!

The Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence managed to extract the NRA’s bottom line! We only cater to Irresponsible Gun Owners. Oh Noes!

I told the NRA to keep the “special” membership away from the website. I am sure this is how CSGV found out.

The Greedy Bastards!

PS:For the members of CSGV and other AntiGun Groups, the membership capture is a fake. I realized you might not know the difference.

12 Replies to “CSGV found the Truth! Our Evil Plot Collapses!”

  1. Do we get to go into schools and “just snap” and start shooting and have the NRA pick up our legal costs with this membership?

    Oh wait, whenever spree shooters are confronted by some armed resistance (i.e. firearms; often carried by the police that arrive too late to save many) they shoot themselves. So what is the value of this special membership type?

    Also, I would think that the NRA’s support for concealed carry would foil my plans to just flip out and shoot everyone over a parking space because someone could immediately shoot back. Seems like the NRA needs to rethink this “Irresponsible Gun Owner” membership type.

    I think the NRA wants lots of irresponsible gun owners because that totally helps them politically and with their bottom line, too.

    Now seriously, what the hell is wrong with the retards at CSGV?

  2. Well, I wouldn’t say it’s ONLY about protecting the irresponsible gun owners. I would say it’s ALSO about protecting them in order to not inconvenience yourselves.

    I guess you knew that and it’s a victory of sorts that you make us defend a point that you already concede.

    Keep fighting the good fight.

  3. Sorry MikeB your grasp of sarcasm is weak. I mock nonsensical comments. The point is the NRA does not offer “get of jail free” support for its members. If they do commit a crime, they go through the legal/criminal prosecution process just like everyone else. Been in Rome too long? We still do have laws against rape, assault, robbery and murder (and no gun is required to make these charges applicable).

    The NRA opposes silly laws that anti-rights activists propose which do nothing to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Rather, silly laws like waiting periods and bans on made-up classifications like “assault weapons” just keeps firearms away from law-abiding citizens and hinders their self-defense. It is all part of the anti-rights proponents incremental process to place so many restrictions that the “death of a thousand cuts” limits our firearms ownership.

    What did I concede? Nothing, read carefully just the above quoted post to which my comments are solely directed towards. To paraphrase, it argues that the NRA protects IRRESPONSIBLE gun owners to support their financial success. That is laughable. The very large number of law-abiding, and BTW also responsible, NRA members shows this belief to be silly. Unless of course, you are trying to say that owning a gun is, by definition, irresponsible.

  4. Damn. Old NFO knew what MikeB was going to write an hour before he wrote it…

    Mike, you are an idiot. The legislation you propose does not work, it demonstrably infringes on rights, and it will not matter to people who are going to break the law anywise. It would do you and your cause a world of good if you would stop misrepresenting yourself, speciously attacking us, and proposing idiocy which has a repeated history of failing, miserably.

  5. Do I get Irresponsible Gun Owner training if I get such a membership? I’d imagine such training would teach me the Four Rules of Safety, and what I can do to violate them. 😉

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