Mental Gymnastics, Brady Style.

We are used to see the (I)logical Mental Contortions that AntiGunners must develop in order to even function at dome level, but sometimes trying to follow them makes anybody’s brain hurt.

In this extract, Brady goes bunkers about Guns in Campus and mentions a shooting in San Jose State, People’s Republic of California. The Disciples dive immediately into repeating the same old tired chorus till one solitary person, Hung Lo realizes that maybe this is not the best news item to prop their cause. California just hit #1 in the Brady’s Anti Gun Hall Of Fame for the best Anti Gun Laws! And San Jose State does not allow guns in campus so, How did the shooting happen? There shouldn’t be any guns and nobody should die or get hurt! UNIMPOSSIBLE!

Of course, Mr. Lo does not want to lose his Brady Card Points and closes with the very emotive LOCK THE GUN NUTS UP! (Because Due Process is for pussies)

Can I get a couple of Excedrin to go please?

3 Replies to “Mental Gymnastics, Brady Style.”

  1. I must warn you, don’t try to comment, i have been blocked from the Brady page for simple comments against their arguments, But we are used to being silenced for having opposing opinions by them.

    Its the sign of a closed mind when they refuse to even listen to opposition.


  2. Preaux, I don’t even bother to comment at those places anymore. Plus I am on their hit list for my comments about Colin Goddard.



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