And this is why you don’t ask cops about gun laws.

Because a lot of them, Chiefs included have no idea what they are talking about.

Chief Dolan is expressing his “concern” about the expansion of the Castle Doctrine in Minnesota. The bill would allow a person to shoot a trespasser who is outdoors on a patio, porch or garage — as long as the defender has a reasonable fear for his or her safety.But Chief Dolan cites that his entry teams (Read SWAT) would be endangered by such law.


Wait, if you are sending a SWAT team to a location is because you are expecting a high degree of violence which include GUNS in the HANDS OF CRIMINALS. Unless St. Paul regularly uses SWAT teams in locations like kindergardens while checking for code violations, rank and file police officers will understand that there are proper uses of dynamic entries in some occasions and some which are less than indicated.

And I still cannot figure out the degree of idiocy of anybody that would say that it is legal to defend myself inside my house, but I become John Wayne Gacy anywhere else in my property. Is saving my life less righteous if I am visiting friends or staying at a hotel?  Why is it legally better to be raped or murdered outside the home?

Mind blowing….

4 Replies to “And this is why you don’t ask cops about gun laws.”

  1. Wait, they changed their policy so they’re now doing warrants visibly and in uniform? What were they doing before that exactly?

  2. So it’s ok for the police to kill innocent people during a no-knock on the wrong house because they need to err on the side of caution for the life of the officer.

    What the chief is stating is that the innocent homeowners that have home invaders in the middle of the night do NOT have the right to protect themselves.

    If I am in my own home and someone breaks down my door, someone is getting holes in them and I’m going to do my best to make sure it is whoever is entering my home. Prove who you are or meet your maker.

  3. Rank and File LEO have no problem with people defending themselves. They rather not see an innocent person with a chalk line around them, but the Chiefs tend to be political appointees who must toe the political line and become whores to survive.

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