Truck Guns.

I’ve been giving some thought to the concept of a Truck Gun. I define it as a firearm, in long gun or major caliber that even though is reduced in size, it is too big to carry concealed and should be stashed in a vehicle. The Truck Gun use is as force multiplier in the case of multiple attackers or wherever a higher degree of firepower is required. The shortness may allow it to be used inside the vehicle without being too cumbersome.

I contend that Truck Gun should not be subjected to NFA regulations. It should be something I can go NOW to a gun store and walk away with it (or withing whatever “waiting period” you have in your locality. If modifying an existing gun puts you in the NFA, it will also will make it not valid. Why? Because I say so 🙂 Actually the less trouble you have to deal with paperwork, the more likely you’d get one.

With that, here is my very particular list.

Rossi’s Ranch Hand in .44 Magnum

Pros: A Lever action is an old proven design with little chance of failure. Six shots in 44 magnum with modern ammunition cannot be sneezed at.
Cons: Slow to reload unless there is some sort of speedloader for Lever Actions nobody told me about.

Serbu Super Shorty, 12 gauge.

Pros: It is a 12 gauge for Pete’s sake! Intimidation value is high.
Cons: Capacity is 2 in the magazine plus one in the chamber. You can probably add a SideSaddle for extra ammo. Where are the sights?
CORRECTION: Linoge just slapped be in the head and let me know this baby is considered AOW and subject to ATF paperwork…damn it!

AR Pistol 5.56

Pros: Light Rifle goodness all around. High capacity and easy to reload. (I like the 20 round mag.)
Cons: Barbie gun. Will you be comfortable leaving it in the truck without care for 6 months?

Draco AK Pistol, 7.62×39

Pros: Proven to death AK system. High capacity (I’d go with a 20 round mag) easier to reload than shottie or lever action. Stash & Forget.
Cons: Recoil will be a consideration. Crappy sight system will force you to get a better one.

A consideration for all guns is that you must install a sling. Not only will it keep the gun with you, it will also provide you with a semblance of stability while shooting.

I would probably end with the Draco with some sort of very small red dot because I am more knowledgeable of the AK platform.

5 Replies to “Truck Guns.”

  1. How about the upcoming Keltec KSG shotgun?
    One tube for OO buckshot and the other for slugs for penetration?

  2. Keyword: Upcoming
    It is not yet in the market, nor do we know if it is a reliable weapon either, specially since they released the prototype with the trigger disconnect problem at SHOT Show which now they fixed.
    Cool factor is high, but reliability is a MUST and it is only achieved by working in the real world for a while.
    I will use any of the four guns I mentioned in my post because, barring major mess up on my part, they will go bang when needed. 🙂

  3. So true Miguel. I stand corrected. Just in awe of the number of shells and switching ability of this shotgun that needs to prove itself first as you so elegantly noted. RELIABILTY with a .22 is better than a tactical marvel that misbehaves. This is not a pre-judgement of the KSG; it just it has to earn a reputation for itself.

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