CSGV: How dare you call us?

So apparently Tango had enough and decided to address CSGV’s accusation of Child Abuse made against him.  As you can imagine, CSGV and its mental dwarfs are having a Type 7 PSH about it specially since Tango actually called their High Priest Ladd Everitt on his published phone.

Now let’s get something clear: If a father forces a child to eat a small piece of chicken and have him change his bratty behavior for one of respect for the food put on the table, it is called parenting, not abuse. And when you let your distorted political views transform basic parenting into a vicious crime just because you are looking for some sort of leverage to silence the individual, that is called douchebaggery.

Right now, your kind is somewhere between fumbling clowns and a slight annoyance. Your political effectiveness is a bad joke. Keep the fight in the realm of ideology and we shall gladly engage in the same. But, do not try to up the ante with dirty tricks and false accusations or you will feel the wrath of millions of gun owners, savvy in the ways of the net and who will  work in every possible data search unearthing your deepest darkest secrets and joyfully publishing them online for the world to see. We rather not have to do this, but to quote a line from a movie:

I said I never had much use for one. Never said I didn’t know how to use it.

If you think we are bad now, wait till you really tick us off.

And not one single solitary gun will ever be fired. Yes, we will even deny you of the excuse to restrict our rights you seek the most. It will be a peaceful, non-violent, tofu-eating, patchouli-smelling, rainbow-farting, unicorn-ridden search and destroy your flimsy reputations mission.

And in case you haven’t noticed, I hate Bullies and that is what you are.

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