CSGV Activist Makes Fun of Gun Victim.

In a less than shocking display of cruelty, GSCV activist Roger Gore of Crozet, VA laughed Out Loud at the brutal attack by a concealed gun to a man waiting to be served at the local Taco Bell Drive-Thru.

OK so the gun did not attack the guy who might have been screwing around with the gun while waiting for his Nachos Bell Grande and Cinnamon Twists, but the CSGV idjit did express his pleasure that somebody got hurt. And they keep saying they are the Caring Ones while we are the Evil Ones.

And to Mary Fox: Dear, the gun did not kill anybody. He was wounded. Check dictionary for definition and difference.

2 Replies to “CSGV Activist Makes Fun of Gun Victim.”

  1. I get your point, but RULE 3 FAIL! (keep your booger hook off the bang switch). Sometimes I wish certain people weren’t on my side…

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