VPC: Petty Minds & Petty Hearts

A Tweet form the twits at the Violence Policy Center:

The link goes to this story where a customer draws his weapon and engages a nutjob who just killed his girlfriend. While your average VPC or CSGV member would assume the Goddard Tactical Defense posture, somebody risked life and limb against evil. However, I will go with Assumption Parish Sheriff Mike Waguespack take:

he acted to protect others and there were no plans to book the armed man who intervened. “What he did was in the defense of others,”

And of course VPC is gonna hate that. You have much more political value as a corpse than as survivor. They are petty human beings, vultures searching for corpses.

4 Replies to “VPC: Petty Minds & Petty Hearts”

  1. “Saves no one”? What, aside from possibly everyone else in the restaurant?

    Let’s not forget that he likely contributed to the guy offing himself so he doesn’t take up prison space or waste our time with a trial?

    I never have been able to understand the blinders that liberals wear.


  2. The article could have read that after killing his ex-girlfriend the rat-bastard shot and killed four more patrons and then turned the gun on himself when police arrived five minutes later. Thank God for a CCW holder.

    I agree that the selective “blinders” the VPC/CSGV supporters wear are rose-colored and if the reality does not compute in their desired “gun free” world they ignore it.


  3. But…but…
    But the girlfriend had one of those magical-violence-protecty thingys.
    You know, the restraining order!

    Isn’t it supposed to protect people from this?

    oh…nevermind…just a piece of paper…



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