Earth to Walgreens: The World is Imperfect & Dangerous.

That is why Jeremy Hoven chose to carry a concealed weapon. Specially since Walgreens across the country have been targeted by armed felons. In your Imperfect World even cops have been murdered under the lights of your shop. Jeremy Hoven chose to stand up, sahe himself save his fellow coworkers and got rewarded by corporate Walgreens with a pink slip.

In a Perfect Walgreens World, their stores have chalked outlines of dead customers & workers on the floor.

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  1. I just called them at (800) 925-4733 and told a very nice “Carolyn” that I won’t be shopping at a store that fires a man who likely saved his life and the lives of his managers. She pulled the info up on her computer, so I’m not the first that she’s heard of this. She seemed to agree. I gave her my phone number and asked her to call me back if they changed their minds.

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