Playing with headlines.

Bothe VPC and CSGV are posting the following Washington Post headline:

FBI: All but 1 of 56 law enforcement officers killed in 2010 was victim of someone using a gun.

Nicely crafted wording that leads you to believe the only cause of death for cops is people shooting at them. That is the info that will stick in anybody’s head if they just do a cursory reading. If you take the time to read and digest the rest of the “article, you will see that the wording suddenly changes to:

WASHINGTON — The FBI says 56 law enforcement officers were murdered on duty last year, up eight from 2009.

Worded to elicit a guttural response against guns, the report by the AP is erroneous and incomplete. But according to National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund report, there were a total of 61 officers murdered by firearm in the line of duty for 2010, a rise of 24 percent from the previous year. But they fail there were 73 other LEOs who died in traffic accidents which represents a 43% increase from 2009. Nine other officers died of different causes with a grand and sad total of 162 Officers dying in the Line Of Duty. Why do the AP, Washington Post, VPC and CSGV ignore the other 107 is obvious: They are not useful for their political cause.

A dead human being is only valuable to them as long as they can make political hay out of it.