3 Replies to “It is Genetic.”

  1. This is one argument that they really don’t understand how much it backfires on them.

    The antis claim that we need additional and more restrictive laws because gun owners don’t follow the law.

    Here are thousands — tens of thousands of gun owners following the law to disarm.

    The antis claim we are too fearful to go anywhere unarmed.

    Here are thousands – tends of thousands of gun owners walking around town unarmed.

    The antis claim that gun owners are violent.

    In a town with thousands –tens of thousands of gun owners, the major crime report about the convention was the non-theft of antlers.

    Strike three and you are out Andrew Goddard. Go sit back on the bench, come back when you have a grown up argument to debate.

  2. If they did allow loaded firearms at the NRA conventions and gun shows there would be no appreciable difference as Bob S notes. Mr. Goddard simply confuses the law-abiding NRA members who are your next door neighbors with the criminals. Criminals are the ones robbing, looting, raping, and murdering people, not us. We just like to have the tools that would be handy if a criminal comes around.

    In addition, and more specifically to address his unfounded fear, if firearms were more widely available on campus then evil spree shooters would not find it a “soft” target for their horrible actions. That is an undeniable fact.

  3. I legally open and concealed carried loaded handguns at the NRA Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh. I have legally concealed carried a handgun at gun shows. Clearly Andrew Goddard is as big of an oblivious hoplophobe as his son. The apple truly does not fall far from the tree.

    The ignorance and unfiltered emotional projection of those that would strip me of my human rights if given the power, is despicable and knows no bounds.

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