Walgreens: Your security is a joke.

Walgreens joins many other companies who prefer a Dead Customer than a Suing Customer and call it “Security” (Don’t-mess-with-my-profits Security.) Jennifer posts about a response that she got from Walgreens Corporate and points out that video surveillance is not security but “archival or documentation technology” and does nothing to prevent crime.

Walgreens security is a joke. And ever since they stopped carrying certain snacks, I have stopped altogether using them. They are a high probability target because Bad Guys know they are soft and with a fgood chance to walk scott free.

Dear Walgreens Corporate Security Directors & Managers: When even 11 year olds armed with BB guns can rob your store with impunity , it means your Security plans FAILED.

2 Replies to “Walgreens: Your security is a joke.”

  1. Without a doubt the dumbest thing a store can do. It takes time, but eventually enough people will stop using the store and they will go under. Pull you head out of you a** and protect your shoppers



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