NRA Convention Protesters: Video by Bitter.

Video taken by Bitter of Snowflakes in Hell of the protesters outside the NRA Annual Meeting.

I could extract many quotes that would be very representative of the lack of information and even brain power of these participants, but this guy took the prize for me:

“They (NRA Members) feel like they are isolated, they have to protect themselves. It is all about ‘me and protecting mine.’ Let’s put it this way: I think it is a truly unfortunate mindset.”

Because Self-defense is soooo last year and out of fashion. BTW, if anything I think this guy should get the Oscar for Best Looney Videotaped In A March. His later comments about Castle Doctrine are truly amazing and shows that the concept of Useful Idiot is alive and well.

Heartfelt congratulations and Salutations to Bitter and a job well done.