For your consideration: No Soliciting sign.

I was just reading Linoge’s post about religious door to door people and I had to chuckle. When we moved to our home, I printed and taped to the front door a small sign that said “Solicitors will be shot, survivors will be shot again” and it worked like a charm till my Non-English Speaking Mother came to live with us and I made the mistake of translating the meaning. She was horrified that I would be so nasty and impolite and took it down. (Don’t ever try to argue with an Spanish mother, they can make Jewish moms feel so guilty they’d convert into Catholicism)

Lately we are seeing a serious increase on Door Knockers: From Jehovah Witnesses to Avon Ladies to Magazine Sellers to Roof repairers and this being South Florida, I am sure one or two were offering door to door Santeria works. So I am thinking on having this sign made:

It is either that or a minefield.

6 Replies to “For your consideration: No Soliciting sign.”

  1. put this by the sidewalk ■”Rumors of spike-filled pits along this path are almost totally false. Thank you for your caution.”

  2. Change it to say “it annoys the heavily armed and lightly medicated crazy person inside the house” and you might have a winner…

  3. I had a sign on my fence that simply said “Go Away”. My dad said the same thing! That it was rude and nasty and made me take it down. So, I just had someone come to my door looking for money and said she would come back later if I didn’t have time right now! Seriously? Uh, NO! GO AWAY! I need a new sign. I love the spike filled pit idea…….

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