Resurecting the NRA bashing.

Via the Weapon-Blog the reposting Ammoland Aaron Zelman’s letter to Ted Nugent creeps out again. Mr. Zelman ticks out a series of points which he said would have help/convinced him to join the NRA. They are the salient points and foundations of the Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership, the group he founded.

So Basically Mr. Zelman wanted the NRA to become the JPFO. So why do we need a JPFO after all?

The NRA does not fight in the realm of Hollywood blockbusters where the All-Or-Nothing guy wins at the end. In real life that person loses much more than he ever dreams of winning. In this fight, we barely cannot to lose that big, it is hard enough when we lose little.

If anybody disagrees with what the NRA has achieved, please stand up and reject every single pro-gun law that it has achieved to pass. And then start from Zero. Yes, Big Fat Zero, have Congress take us back to 1968. Don’t be a frigging hypocrite and enjoy the goodies provided by the NRA while bad mouthing it. Put your guns away and don’t dare pulling them out until all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico-Guam-Virgin Islands-etc are under the banner of Constitutional Carry thanks to your efforts and not one single solitary contribution from the NRA and its members.

Otherwise shut the hell up and direct your “pissiness” against Brady, VPC, CSGV and the rest. Stop attacking your fellow Gun Owners.

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  1. Yes and it is done. But when is being taking to the extremes of comparing them to the Bradys then we have abandoned the realm of constructive criticism and jumped into the Sea of Bullshit.
    This goes double when the criticism comes from alleged pro-gun organizations that have a zero batting average regarding pro-gun legislation achievement and only criticize to pad up their coffers.



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