CSGV and Public Good

I have no idea why the Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence got into this discussion of the Public Good (specially when they only care about making citizens into corpses) but I found this post in their Facebook wall:

I don’t presume to be an expert of the Federalist papers, but I can do some basic Google-Fu. So I went through Google Books and found the following:

(Click to enlarge)

So, we actually have 23 mentions of Public Good in the Federalist Papers. Again, I have no idea why CSGV is mentioning Public Good, but once again it shows they have no idea about where the Constitution comes from or what is it about.

2 Replies to “CSGV and Public Good”

  1. The simple answer is that they are desperately trying, and failing, to undermine the “individual right” determination by the Supreme Court – they are continuing to attempt to support their fallacious militia-requirement for the ownership of firearms by trying to make it look like our Founding Fathers created our country for the sake of perpetuating a government, rather than protecting our rights.

    In short, they are out of their flipping gourds.

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