She did not do everything right.

An 84 year old woman was raped by some disgusting pervert in North Lauderdale, Florida. That is enough to make any decent human being sick to his stomach, but what really set me off was that the “experts” are on tap saying “She did everything right.” Check the video at the link starting on minute 1:31.

The rapist tried to gain access by knocking on the door and concocting some sort of story which the victim did not buy, refused to open the door and bluffed by saying that he husband was home. Apparently the rapist called her bluff when he returned later, broke through a window and proceeded to rape her and tried to kill her by smothering with a pillow.She fought long enough for the guy to call it quits and leave, but it got too damn close for comfort.

I am blaming this rape on both the rapist and the dying narrative that states you are better off without a gun to defend yourself/you should leave issues like this for the police.  One single, well placed shot to the torso of the rapist would probably have ended his quest for lust and power right there and then. Instead we have a hurt and traumatized elderly woman who “did everything right” and yet she ended up victimized. And that nobody from Police and the News have realized the utterly stupidity of the statement is just baffling and scary.

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  1. Here’s also where the “Need a Gun” talking point hits the road. No I don’t need a gun right now, but I’m wearing one anyway.

    When she lied about her husband being home she was obviously scared. That’s when she NEEDED a gun. Certainly she needed a gun when he broke in.

    …but she didn’t have one.


  2. No “Gun Death” so nothing to see here. Move along says the BC and VPC idiots. This does not even register in their little minds or in their warped advocacy.

    Of course, they have it both ways with this metric; if she had a gun and killed this SOB then it would be registered as a senseless and tragic “gun death” inflating their fake statistic.



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