Steam coming out the ears.

The Left is now officially in full Help The Administration mode. Apparently they realized that the Congressional Hearings about Fast and Furious are not going away and shit is about to hit the fan.

The solution as always is to accuse the accusers. Through Media Matters’ thundering screams we find out that Issa’s staff might have released a document that they say

public disclosure of documents and witness testimony sought by Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) could undermine the prosecution of Brian Terry’s suspected murderer and 34 gun trafficking suspects.

Nothing like people that could be incriminated with being accessories to a murder of a Federal officer (Justice Department officers involves with Gunrunner/Fast & Furious) trying to cover up their responsibility in the whole nasty affair.

If ATF wasn’t fucking around and playing dangerous games with guns, Brian Terry might be alive today.

Special Scum Bucket Award goes CSGV for finally taking the sides: The side of ATF and the Justice Department and their gun trafficking to Mexican Drug Cartels.

One Reply to “Steam coming out the ears.”

  1. There are some very good reasons why I have repeatedly alleged that “gun control” organizations and individuals are aiding and abetting criminals – mainly, their monomaniacal desire to disarm law-abiding citizens and leave them defenseless against the assaults of those criminals.

    Actually coming out and defending known criminals from the investigations, and eventual charges, they deserve? Well, that is just icing on the cake, is it not?



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