CSGV: Quick Shots.

No, I haven’t forgotten these idiots. But they have been producing so much crap is a task to select the best and assign awards:

The “I Am A Whore and Go To Bed With Anybody” Award, (Third Class). For celebrating that the Bradys are having consensual Public Relations Sex wit Plaxico Burris. Nothing says integrity like dealing with a convicted felon.


The “Yes, We Are The New Communists and We Are Proud!” Award (First Class) for collecting every Che-T-Shirt-wearing, patchouli-smelling, We-want-you-dead Hippie out there for their cause.


The “Contradicting Ourselves is no Contradiction” Award (Grand Economics Prize.) The Gun industry sells, then doesn’t sell then sells again while citizens buy more and then less and then more and then the bubble burst or plateau. You guys wouldn’t happen to be in the White House Economic Advisory Panel, would ya?


And finally the “Are You Really That Stupid?” Award (Royal Class with Oak Leaves and Farting Unicorns).

Mr. Summitt, the answer is well known and very simple: Two to the Body & One to the Head. Assess. Repeat if Necessary. It has been a well know solution for a while now.

2 Replies to “CSGV: Quick Shots.”

  1. Perfect insight, Larry!

    Yes, they are too stupid to realize that their two assumptions (legally insane and legally-owned gun) cannot co-exist. It’s double unimpossible!

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