CSGV Loons: Law Abiding M&Ms?

One of the CSGV (Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence) fans posted this earlier today in their Facebook page:

Law Abiding M&M’s? I am willing to bet this guy has a prescription for Medicinal Cannabis and not because he has glaucoma.

And one more thing, you can ingest a gallon of Curare and all you will get is a mild case of the runs. Curare only kills if gets in the bloodstream. Also death by Curare poisoning is a slow and painful way to go since it is a paralyzing agent that mainly attacks the respiratory system so basically you die of asphyxiation.

Maybe we should license what people say in Facebook: better a little red tape now, than a lot of correction tape later.

PS: I know the M&Ms are an analogy for those legally carrying a concealed weapon but, what is with CSGV and their obsession with cannibalism?

6 Replies to “CSGV Loons: Law Abiding M&Ms?”

  1. To complete the analogy, if you are able to get one of the green M&M’s (i.e. a CCW) you save your life from one of the much more numerous brown M&Ms (i.e. rapists/murderers).

    I’d take those odds any day…it’s called reality.

    He’s the one who needs the psychological testing for illogical fear.

  2. Of course the gun is different because the gun is different.

    Over at my blog I have the “Gun Death?” Files where people do horrible things to other people with non gun items and mundane as baseball bats, power cords, and kitchen knives.

    Funny how anti-rights people don’t seem to be all that concerned with THOSE poison M&Ms.

  3. Good point Branden, the Elephant in the room for these assholes is the lawful citizen who saves their lives and the lives of others (not to mention mass murderers affinity to “Gun Free Zones” to ply their trade)….because the gun can ONLY be used for bad things or frivolous things like hunting, sport, or collecting which are nice but don’t save lives.

    This is why we can NEVER give in to the “Sporting Purposes” mentality, as when owning a gun is about shooting paper, ducks, and deer. Or simply wall-hangers to be admired, then there is really no need to own guns ever.

  4. Wow. Just… wow. That analogy fails on so many points, I have to seriously wonder if the person writing it was not engaged in some bizarre form of parody…

  5. It’s pretty transparent what they are really about.

    “A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie.”
    – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

  6. Weer’d Beard, indeed, they only count items that are negatives for guns, never the positives. A simple cost-benefit analysis cannot be refuted by them and they lose big time.

    I’ve started ranting about the availability of firearms as a deterrent to governmental genocides and it is also true with protecting us during breakdowns in societal restraints with natural disasters. This less tangible value easily surpasses all the “gun deaths” they could ever count.

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