Hollywood, MSM and Anti Gun Groups are keeping us safe.

In a funny and roundabout way, we do have to give credit to the Triptic Of Stupidity for helping us the country in the War on Terror. Thanks to their disinformation, lies and fantasies, those who wish us harm keep making mistakes that get them caught by authorities.

The latest dunce is one Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif who was planning an attack on the South Seattle intake center.

Despite a short stint in the Navy, Abdul-Latif knew little about firearms but believed the informant could assist him in acquiring automatic weapons, according to charging documents.

“Abdul-Latif told the source that he wanted to acquire, for use in the attack, AK-47 assault rifles, a rocket-propelled grenade, grenades, and bulletproof vests,” the FBI agent told the court.

His ignorance on Firearms and Firearms laws probably fueled by the Anti Gun Talking Points (read LIES) repeated over an over TV & Movies made him think he could buy full automatic weapons and explosives at the corner gun shop or through somebody else with ease and no questions asked. Any half assed gun owner knows that the hoops one must jump through to obtain a very expensive full auto weapon and that you practically have to sell your soul to the Federal Government in order to buy explosives.

Law enforcement provided the informant with weapons – a Heckler & Koch submachine gun, an M-16-style rifle and a fragmentation grenade – prior to a June 14 meeting. All had been rendered inoperable before the meeting. (Note to ATF. This is how you do Gun Stings, kthnxbai.)

If you are not in the Gun Culture, go to somebody who is and ask him what about if somebody would approach him offering to sale and H&K Machine Gun, an M-16 and a frag grenade from the back of a truck and really cheap. The look in his/her face should be quite interesting! Do tell him/her that you are joking and that was something you rad in the interwebs or you may find yourself getting a midnight visit from your local SWAT team and a full house ballistic remodeling included.
So send a note to your favorite Anti-Gun group, Main Stream Media outlet or Hollywood creature thanking them for all the lies they spread and that the enemies of our country believe.

Thank You Japete!

PS: Aghhhh…. I think I threw up a little just now.

2 Replies to “Hollywood, MSM and Anti Gun Groups are keeping us safe.”

  1. Maybe she “liked it” because she think it confirms her view that full auto machine guns are openly available. She is not a genius.

    The nonsense in the blurb is in sync with her ignorant and warped world view, so she likely believes it. Facts be damned.

    I think we know which side she is on.
    She is a “useful idiot” at an absolute minimum.

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