Can you wait till I am awake?

The last couple of days, rumors have been flying about Hugo Chavez’s death. The Left’s favorite Progressive after Obama is reported to be in Cuba recovering or dead after emergency surgery to remove a pelvic abscess or cancer, or a curse or whatever rumor that is flying at that time.

Not five minutes ago I fire up the Twitter and check the latest rumor and my coffee-deprived brain is forced to deal with this stupidity:

I know that the latest Anti-Gun meme is that Gun Owners are getting ready to overthrown the Government by force or arms, kill all gays and send Blacks black to the plantation or export them to Liberia on the backs of the Mexicans; I get it.  But Mr. Honig should do at least a bit of research on Hugo’s ideas on gun control because they would make Sarah Brady proud.

Remember, It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.

2 Replies to “Can you wait till I am awake?”

  1. Last I checked the guys sending the blacks to Liberia and the Cotton Fields were Democrats.

    There was only one President of the Confederate States of America, guess what political party he was a member of.

    hmmmmm looks like a little revisionist history.

    Also noticed the political affiliations of all the Americans who hang with Chavez. Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Micheal Moore, Kevin Spacey.

    Odd if Chavez is such a “Right Wing Guy” why do the lefties love him so much.

    I hope the bastard is dead, if he’s left in control long enough its only a matter of time before he starts murdering his own people wholesale…

  2. Venezuela’s murder rate is 60 per 100K. Caracas (capital city) runs a 103 per 100K.

    He is in the right track for maniac dictators…just a bit slow.

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