MAIG’s TV Ad: We lie because we can.

With the help of their newest best friend, Mayors Against Illegal Guns go on once more lying about full automatic guns and how anybody can buy them without background checks.

We know they are losing big time, but lowering themselves to such despicable lows is just pitiful.

Honor is not in their vocabulary.

One Reply to “MAIG’s TV Ad: We lie because we can.”

  1. The truth is their worst enemy. Also not only are their “Fully Automatic Assault Rifles” pictured are semi-auto only guns, they’re also obviously on a dealer table at the gun show, so you want that gun? Background check.

    And of course there are countless terrorists NOT on the list (Nidal Hassan, The time square bomber, and the trolly square mall shooter, among god knows how many others ) and lots of toddlers, boy scouts, Sky Marshals, Pilots, and a few US Senators, and countless others ON the list.

    Of course non-terrorists not getting guns is the whole point to these swine.

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