Giddy Laddite Goddard Joking About Shooting Victim.

Andrew Goddard (father of Colin “Hidding Makes Me A Hero” Goddard) makes fun at the expense of a gunshot victim. I thought his kind were all kind and cared about all shooting victims but no, only politically approved victims will be accepted. Laddites are like that.

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  1. I must say that all anti-freedom activists are pure evil. They certainly know the truth and are saying otherwise.

    That being said while Colin does come across as quite the classy guy in his Brady Campaign appearances, his father appears as nothing short of a frothing lunatic.

  2. I agree that anti-freedom activists are evil. So why should we assume that that evil only manifests itself in hatred of gun owners?

    Almost always, evil people live evil lives in a variety of ways. You seldom see a bank robber or drug dealer who is a devoted father and husband. Girls who hang out with criminals are seldom celibate teetotalers.

    So why not find out what other crap Andrew Goddard, Ladd Everitt, et al have going on? I would think that America’s 100 million gun owners could scrape enough money to hire a P.I. to get the goods on these creeps. Find out just who their “special friends” are. Find out what money they’ve embezzled. Find out which family members they pulled the plug on to save money.

    Expose their evil lives for everyone to see.

  3. Meh. Guy was a dumbass (violation of rule number 3 at least) and deserves to be mocked, sort of like the “Only One”.
    He got a zinger off, it was kinda funny, the best of us can have a dumbass moment. Not a good reason to get huffy.

  4. Larry, you will find no disagreement from me and we can go crazy about the Serpa Holster. But the point is that CSGV and its associated bunch are supposed to care for all Gun Victims and not being selective in their “kindness.”

    Also, we are strict in our thinking: You screw up with a gun, you get hurt, deal with it. We do not go out there demanding Congress to create new laws to ban stuff because somebody cannot properly manipulate it. If I was like that, I would have to demand a law against bicycles and motorcycles since I cannot use either without tasting pavement. 🙂

  5. I agree with Miguel, Larry. I would also add that a) Tex did something that we could all do. He admitted that he was at fault and decided to SHARE the video so that we could all learn from his mistake. Top notch guy if you ask me. Not one to be mocked.

    Not to mention the fact that he had presence of mind to put his firearm on safety, set it down, call 911, and stop the bleeding before they go there.

    For all that, he wasn’t doing typical stupid tricks or playing with the gun, etc. And I don’t think he deserves the typical mocking.

  6. Lord knows I’ve had more dumbass moments than I care to think about, and whenever I screw up I deserve the ribbing. It doesn’t mean he isn’t a top notch guy, it just means he deserves the ribbing he’s getting now that we know he’s going to be all right. All I’m saying is there is no need to get indignant and lose our sense of humor here just because someone we don’t agree with throws a zinger in on him.
    There are no accidental discharges, only negligent ones. Maybe he wasn’t playing with the gun, but he did have his booger hook on the bang switch before he was ready to fire. Now if Mr. Goddard was making fun of someone who had gotten shot through no fault of their own that would be a different story.
    Pure evil? Maybe so, but if the tables were turned which one of us would not toss a zinger out at Mr. Goddard? You may be pure enough to resist the temptation, but I have no problems admitting that I am a sinner. 😉
    Let’s save our ammo for a better target.

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