Dumb, Lying & Hypocrite Also Comes in Spanish.

Saw this new CSGV fan in its Facebook page. Magda Coss apparently is a Mexican journalist but works or worked for IANSA our favorite Global Anti Gun Organization and owned by none other than Rebecca Peters.

After checking her petition which reads exactly like the BS and ulterior demands that we have heard from VPC, CSGV, Brady, etc lately, I raised my Google-Fu powers and found her very new blog. You will see her quoting the now infamous WaPo article accusing Carter’s Country as a supplier for the Narcos. But what really riled me up is that she has a nice post about Police and Security firms reporting stolen weapons by the thousands.

Translated text says:
From 2000 to 2008, the Department of Defense was notified of the theft of 6,932 guns from 49 secretariats of Public Safety state and local prosecutors, as well as the Police for the Federal Attorney General’s Office. The figure represents 60 percent of guns seized at crime in the same period.

But, as Billy Mays would have said, that is not all!

Translated text says:
Milenio Diario (Daliy) recently published an account of corporate security (companies) and law enforcement with more reports of theft and loss of weapons under their responsibility.
Mexico City was on top with 4,227 of a total of a total of 12,662 were recorded since December 2006. In second place is the State of Mexico, with 1,285 weapons lost or stolen.

Now, those are weapons that Mexican Law Enforcement and Security Companies had to admit they lost. We don’t know how many have gone unreported. The total is 19,594 weapons (that we know of) that went to the hands of the criminal element of Mexico. Can anybody imagine the shitstorm that would happen here if Brinks Security lost twelve thousand weapons? Or that the Attorney General’s Office had to admit that their investigators lost close to seven thousand guns? And reveal that the weapons ended up in the hands of Bloods, Crips and La Raza members but have the balls to blame Canada for the rise in gun Violence?

I know I am not closing this post very well… but I am too pissed off to do so without using words that would make Gny. Sgt. Hartman blush.