Fast & Furious Race Card.

Via Michael Blane’s Blog I found out about Ruben Navarrette’s article where he pulls out not quite so gently the race card in order to extract the Obama’s Administration enchiladas out of the oven before they get overly toasted in reference to the Democrat’s crappy attempt to introduce new anti-gun legislation that (as usual) will not solve the crime problem and specially the Drug Wars in Mexico and as a cover up for the disastrous Gunrunner scandal.

Maybe Ruben was watching reruns of Glee or sipping on a double Non-Fat Decaf Cafe con Leche while oogling at Shakira on Youtube when the congressional hearing about Operation Fast and Furious was on C-Span and missed this little testimony by ATF Special Agent John Dodson:

[T]here was a prevailing attitude amongst the group and outside of the group in the ATF chain of command… I was having a conversation with Special Agent [L] about the case in which the conversation ended with me asking her are you prepared to go to a border agent’s funeral over this… because that’s going to happen. And the sentiment that was given back to me by both her, the group supervisor, was that…if you are going to make an omelette [sic], you need to scramble some eggs.”

Dear Ruben, in case you have not figured it out by now, the result of Fast and Furious has been indeed an omelet created by cracking hundreds of brown Mexican eggs with the weapons that this administration let on purpose (and illegally) fall in the hands of the Cartels. But to make things equal, at least two American Law Enforcement eggs were added to the mix just to add that special flavor of Equal Fuck Up And Death For All.

Estimado Ruben: Your very lame attempt of repeating the old narrative that NRA members are a bunch of racist rednecks dressed in white sheets burning crosses in front of the local taco stand falls flatter than a fresh tortilla. High officers of this administration did allow with intent, for weapons to be smuggled into Mexico where they killed hundred of Mexican Nationals, Such action demonstrated a total disregard for your fellow Latinos in another country. If this had happened during a Republican administration, you’d be in front of the White House lawn alongside members of La Raza, frothing at the mouth and demanding that the whole place be burned down and the Republican President be hanged by the neck. But instead you chose to be a sycophant for this Democrat President and a party that has done more to keep minorities under the chains of poverty and ignorance than whatever Nathan Bedford Forrest could have envisioned.

You are nothing more than a Tio Tomas, a plantation driver getting intellectual breadcrumbs from the Master’s table. It is about time you grow a pair of cojones and emancipate your mind.