Don’t Bait The Bradys.

From the Brady Campaign Facebook Page. It is unbecoming of us….funny as hell though. 🙂

Snap Crackle Pop looks like a fake account just made to screw with the poor Bradys.

Here is the full sized pic: A Desert Eagle in .50 BMG.Click to enlarge the photoshopped pic.

I am thinking three in the mag plus one in the pipe?

UPDATE: Damn it! there is at least one Brady Left Winger that knows photoshop and even maybe guns…

It will probably be gone before long. [sigh]

3 Replies to “Don’t Bait The Bradys.”

  1. Think of the knock-down power of this pistol. I want one, but I’m willing to wait for the entirely plastic version that is undetectable by metal detectors. Does it have exploding “cop killer” bullets?

    Then, we just have to wait for someone to steal my parking space and then this quiet, law-abiding citizen will “just snap” and start a killing spree. I’m an NRA member, so it’s my destiny per the BC.

    Quick we must ban it!


  2. Heh, I’ve made that shop quite a few years ago for /k/.
    Thing is, they’ve actually made pistols for that round. Unsurprisingly, the Brady doesn’t know that.



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