Instruction never stops.

Last night a new young fella started to work with us. It fell on me to instruct him on some stuff and also to tell him that no matter what our less than distinguished and moronic supervisor may have failed to tell him, we have to deal with some people that are less than illustrious. When I told him that in a bit over a year we had four deaths, one by natural causes, two by overdose and one suicide with firearm, his eyes got big.

-“He shot himself?”

-“Yep. Right in the head.”

-“But guns are not allowed on property, right!”


-“But…but how was that possible.”

-“My guess, he ignored the warnings.”

-“But that is not right!”

-“Words on a sign do not stop a person determined to do harm. You may want to remember that.”

The new pup was a bit distressed about the whole ordeal. I reminded myself that our job never ends and that the Unicorn Farting Rainbows fairy tales are still flowing strong out there.

After that, I did not have the heart to tell him about the assault with deadly weapons and other happenings. We do need the fresh meat.