Advice to guys form an old fart (Me)

I know it is summer and I know it is too hot to be “overdressed.” But please, please wear socks. I know you like to look and feel “cool” but when I see somebody with shoes not wearing socks on purpose, all I see is somebody more interested in appearances than being ready.

Also, wearing socks indicates differences between the sexes. Let me explain. When a woman has to rush into a public bathroom and once inside the stall realizes too late that there is no toilet paper, she only has to ask for help and immediately 3 hands will appear from the sides and the front with offerings. Same situation with a guy and he will only hear laughter and the sound of the bathroom door closing as he is left all alone to fend for himself without the three seashells.

If he is smart, he will leave the bathroom clean, and looking cool wearing shoes without socks.  😉

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