Sarah Brady will love Hugo Chavez.

Hugo takes one page from the Bradys’ book and adds a great new twist. Crime is so high and violent in Venezuela that congress is actually about to adapt the idea of Gun Free Zones Plus. Pablo Fernandez, technical secretary and spokesman of the Presidential Commission for Disarmament indicated that:

[It] will be done in spaces where the population of people is greater, as parks, shopping centers, road traffic areas near schools or in urban areas.”

Yep, cities too. But it is not as bad as you think…

Fernandez said that there will not elimination of bearing arms, “but will be similarly restricted in those spaces and times to be defined, if at all a week or more occurs where the highest incidence is in hours of Friday in the afternoon until Monday morning”

To get this new plan implemented, they are checking the stats and figuring out what days of the week and what times of the day there is more crime so they can restrict the already tight rules for carrying a concealed weapon. Or basically telling criminals that during certain days at certain hours, they can perpetrate thir crimes without fear of a Venezuelan Subject being able to defend himself.


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