5 Replies to “Some people have troubles with racoons…”

  1. Just FYI I know Xavier of Xavier Thoughts dispatched a Gator with a 230 grain hollow point between the running lights.

    A 1911 is MORE than enough, AND its easier to lug around. Then again if your Mower is large enough to accommodate a gun rack, make sure you fix the bayonet to the 590 just to make Ladd Everet cry and pee his breeches!

  2. I love my Mossberg 590A1SPX with the bayonet. I can’t mount it right now because of my weapon light configuration, however, it’s there for when we really see the SHTF. I hope rioters will steer clear of my property if they see that attachment.

    Also, anything that makes the anti-rights nimrods cry or wet themselves is just gravy.

  3. Hmmm, I have to admit, the 1911 is on my hip when I’m mowing… But the mower IS big enough for a rack. *wheels turning*

    I’ll be back in a bit, gotta run to the hardware store.

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